Dennis Dossett

“From the Ancient Wisdoms to Quantum Physics,
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Matrix Reimprinting

     MATRIX REIMPRINTING is a relatively new modality based on concepts from quantum physics and EFT. When one experiences trauma or any intensely emotional event, an energetic part of us splits off from the conscious mind in order to protect the ego. This subconscious energy is called an Energetic Consciousness HOlogram, or ECHO for short. Whether the traumatic event occurred earlier in the present life or in a past life, the ECHO carries the negative emotional energy as a "picture" imprinted in the matrix, the energy field that gives rise to and connects everything that exists. Although one is generally not consciously aware of these energies, they have a deep and profound influence on one's daily life, often erupting in ways we do not consciously understand.

     Merely “releasing” the emotional pressure of these negative energies is like taking the lid off of a pot of boiling water. The steam is released, but the water continues to boil. Matrix reimprinting turns off the stove by reimprinting a new “picture” into the matrix. This heals the trauma by transforming the negative energy influencing one's life into more positive energy. It fundamentally changes the energy of who you are by raising the vibratory frequency of your soul.

     NOTE: Matrix Reimprinting is not a substitute for conventional medical attention, but it can be a very helpful and effective addition to standard medical treatment. It may help to alleviate symptoms and speed the healing process even when conventional medical care has failed.

   Matrix Reimprinting Rates:
   • 1 hr. — $120.00
   • 30 Min. — $60.00
   • 15 Min. — $35.00
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“When symptoms disappear, that's usually not from imagination or something like that. It's usually from the real memory, the experience [of past-life regression]. Imagination doesn't cure symptoms.”
~ Brian Weiss, M.D. (1944-; American psychiatrist Messages from the Masters: Tapping Into the Power of Love) ~