Dennis Dossett

“From the Ancient Wisdoms to Quantum Physics,
It's All About the Energy!”

Dennis L. Dossett
(All Rights Reserved)

      I must say that it has been a very interesting month. Aside from the usual changing planetary aspects and another Mercury Retrograde (total disaster that day, but that is another story), I was expecting five boxes of the first volume of Dancing with the Energy — Book 1: The Foundations of Conscious Living to be delivered. They showed up right on schedule on my doorstep at home while I was meeting with a client at a local bookstore.

      Periodically throughout the session, my client kept using variations of a phrase something like “since I started living consciously ...” which caught me a little off guard at first. It all sounded a little too familiar to be a chance occurrence. By the third time he repeated the phrase, it was pretty clear that it was not a coincidental slip of the tongue; he said it intentionally. When I asked him where he got that phrase, he replied that he had downloaded my book from Amazon the day before and had read the whole thing before coming in to see me. I was stunned as Friesen Press, the publisher, had told me just a couple of days before that it was already on their website, but would probably take a few weeks to show up on Amazon. My client gave me the first news of its availability on Amazon before I was aware of it. Wow! I had made a sale even before seeing the finished product myself! What a pleasant “high” that was.

      In addition to this client, I also had another one that same afternoon. Both sessions were very productive which made me feel even better. Still buoyed by the events of the previous afternoon, the next morning I decided to stop at the bank and make a deposit before taking several of my new books to the same bookstore. Only one teller was available when I walked in, so I went up to her window and placed my deposit in front of her. At this point she became quite talkative, inquiring not only how my day was going, but also asking what I was going to do that day. I told her that I was delivering copies of my new book, and then she wanted to know all about it. She said that she had received some money for her birthday (two days before) and that she was looking for a good book to read over the coming weekend. She asked to see it (I just happened to have a couple of copies with me in a bag) and, after reading the back cover (describing the three books in the series), she glanced at the Table of Contents and then proclaimed that this book was just what she was looking for, “just what I need.” Needless to say, that was my first face-to-face sale, and it just “dropped into my lap” without even intending to do anything other than make a bank deposit. Talk about a “high!”

      I left the bank and headed down the freeway toward the bookstore thinking about the new role now present in my life, that of self-promotion. This is definitely not my “comfort zone,” and something that I have pretty much avoided most of my life. I have generally made my contributions to whatever I was involved in from the background, not out in front selling myself and my wares. I had thought about this a number of times over the preceding months, but really wasn’t looking forward to it. Now here it was, front and center, demanding that I either “put up or shut up.”

      I didn’t write these three books to “shut up.” Spirit has been pretty insistent that I keep recording and organizing the information given to me since I formally started writing in 2015. Several times my enthusiasm lagged and I was given a swift “kick in the seat of my pants” to get on with it and get the project finished. Spirit has definitely been both patient at times and impatient at others as I struggled to give the information a structure and sequence that would be of value for someone to read. “Shut up” was not an option, so “put up” is now definitely the order of the day, like it or not! But it's all good; life is always all about our learning.

      For years I have encouraged (and even cajoled) some of my clients who were in a similar place in their lives. I’ve lost track of how many times have I said, “It is written: He that tooteth not his own horn, the same shall not be tooted!” And I meant it. Now it is time for me to have a taste of my own medicine. Funny how that works. But I digress.

      So, I’m driving down the freeway smiling from ear to ear and, to no one in particular, I whispered “We can do this!” Imagine my shocked surprise when I heard a chorus shouting “YES, WE CAN!” in my “ear” (intuitive center). I knew that it was “My Guys” (as I call my guides), but I also knew that there was more to it than just them.

      In last month’s blog (Etymology and Spiritual Development) I wrote about soul EVOLution, the Big Lesson, and the Ultimate Lesson, concluding that “God, as your Higher Self, is expressing Source Energy through your body in this life. You are one of God’s personal representatives on the Earth plane at this time. You are God’s right hand, unless you are left-handed, but God needs left hands too! You are God’s mouthpiece. What an awesome honor. What an incredible responsibility.” This perspective is shared by Maitreya (channeled by Margaret McElroy), Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks), Neville Goddard, Paramhansa Yogananda, Jesus (John 10: 34-38), King David (Psalm 82:6-8), Moses (Exodus 3:14), and several other of my most influential teachers. Even though Gautama Buddha did ot teach a "personal God," he taught that we should treat ourselves in the same manner as all the rest on this short list taught, and he certainly taught the Big Lesson as well as the Ultimate Lesson.

      Do some names on that list shock you? They shocked me too once upon a time, but all of these great spiritual teachers are saying the same thing in different ways as delivered to people with different cultural backgrounds and across several millenia. We can only comprehend what we are ready to comprehend at our own current stage of soul evolution, so don’t worry about it. Just tuck it away as the rantings of a rather peculiar maniac—but I think I’m in pretty good company here. At least it works for me. And while all of this is a discussion for another time and place, it is the basis of that “extra” message My Guys were delivering in shouting “YES, WE CAN!” The “WE” is each and every individual (and Deity) referenced and/or mentioned in the previous paragraph, including YOU.

      Spirit (in whatever form you are comfortable engaging with this concept) has OUR backs and will support us in whatever the little, individualized “ME” (the typical identity of ourselves) consciously chooses to do. What we so easily forget (even after we intellectually “know” it) is that “ME” and (all of) “WE” are fundamentally one and the same. I don’t just like those odds, I LOVE those odds! I have all the help I need to do my job (which is to just plant seeds) in this lifetime, but it is up to me to “toot my own horn.” And since I believe that you and I are here on the earth plane for the same fundamental purpose, I believe that you too can plant seeds and “toot your own horn” whenever you are ready to do so. Are you ready?

      “YES, WE CAN!”

Have a great month!


“We offer assistance to you, but your choices make the final outcome.“
~ Maitreya ~