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“From the Ancient Wisdoms to Quantum Physics,
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Dennis L. Dossett
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      When I speak with my clients about “clearing past-life energy,” sometimes they ask me “What is that?” and “How does it feel?” The first question is fairly easily answered, but the second requires a lengthier explanation, often accompanied by specific examples to illustrate. That’s because the energy to be cleared stems from events in one’s soul history with different intensities. For example, everyone has experienced dying in every lifetime they have lived, but the manner of death and the conditions surrounding death can be significantly different in their intensity (lengthy torture versus a bullet, chronic debilitating disease versus being hit by a car, etc.).

      In addition, people have different levels of sensitivity to the same or similar events (for example, having been murdered in a number of past lives can create greater sensitivity versus having been murdered in only one or two). On top of that, sometimes the energy is cleared all at once and sometimes it is cleared in steps or stages over a period of time. I’m sure there are other factors as well, but suffice it to say that people experience the release or clearing of past-life energy in different ways.

      I remember several personal examples of clearing past-life energy through crying—the most frequent method of clearing trapped energy in my experience. The tears sometimes involved sorrow, pain, sadness, and even sometimes tears of joy. Once in a while physical pain was involved, varying both in intensity (dull ache, sharp pain, excruciating pain) and duration (several minutes to several years). As I write this, I have been working to release pain in my left ankle stemming from more that one life. It has changed location, changed intensity, and changed degree of swelling several times over a period of three years. I know of several cases of past-life energy release that have extended well over a decade.

      I’m reminded of a past-life energy release in the summer of 2012, when Jean Luo graciously (and thankfully) spent 4-½ hours coaching me through “re-living” an excruciatingly painful death as an early air mail pilot. Afterward, she drove 70 miles to take me home because I was completely wiped out physically, mentally, and emotionally. When I got home I spent the next six hours sleeping, had a few bites of dinner, and then slept soundly the rest of the night. I was fine the next day, but I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone! But I’ve also never heard of anyone ever releasing past-life energy with that intensity.

      I am firmly convinced that, as individuals, we are never allowed to experience more than we can handle physically, mentally, or emotionally—even if it doesn’t always feel like that is the case! This often explains why trapped, past-life energy is not always released at one time. It think my Spirit guides allowed it to happen in that fashion because (a) I had already released a lot of trapped energy before and (b) to drive home the point to me of why it can be so important to have professional assistance in some cases. Or maybe I’m just a lot tougher old bird than I think. LOL! Margaret McElroy (my teacher) always said that “Spiritual development is not for sissies.” Boy, was she right!

      But it isn’t always just about releasing one’s own trapped energy, especially when one becomes a spiritual teacher or healing practitioner—even more so of past-life therapy. I remember the first time that I “saw” how another person died in a past life. It was the winter of 2007 during a psychometry exercise (“reading energy” from objects) during Margaret’s introductory mediumistic course. One evening each of her students brought a personal object (either their own or something belonging to someone they knew) and anonymously dropped it into a large bowl. During class the bowl was passed around the circle and I picked out a beautiful lady’s ring. After fingering it lightly for a few minutes, I “saw” (perhaps “developed a vision” would be more accurate) a lithe young woman dressed in a long white gown attending an ancient Greek temple.

      Then I felt a “WHOOSH!” of emotional and physical energy emerging from my abdomen and rushing upward through my body and out the top of my head—all accompanied by a piercing, stabbing pain thrust under my rib cage and into my left kidney. Needless to say, I was a bit stunned by the experience, but I tried to keep my composure as the other students were quietly contemplating the items they had picked from the bowl. Then I “saw” the blade—about 14“ long and about 3” wide at the base with a short metal hilt separating it from a decorated handle, typical of Bronze-Age military weapons. In that moment I “knew” she had been murdered by someone very close to her personally. Then, as we went around the circle, each student related what they had sensed from the object in their hands. I described the physical and temperamental characteristics of the murderer, at which point the student to whom the ring belonged blurted out, “My God! That’s my brother-in-law! He’s been ’stabbing me in the back’ for years!”

      Since then I have often “seen” how an individual died in a previous life, usually under rather violent or dramatic circumstances—which is why the experience remained as “trapped energy” in that person’s soul memory. In nearly every case my vision was accompanied by strong emotions and a “WHOOSH!” of energy surging through my body. It has always come as a surprise. Only occasionally have I experienced another person’s physical pain, but I often experience moist eyes from tears of empathy and/or compassion, and sometimes I even need to wipe away a tear running down my cheek. How does one explain to a client what just happened and how Spirit has worked through you to facilitate their trapped energy release? Even though they have just witnessed the event (and sometimes asked me if I am okay), it still feels a little awkward to me.

      About eight months ago I was working on a project with a new friend with whom I immediately felt very comfortable. I received a call from her one morning, and she was obviously in some distress. I asked her if she was all right. She related that she was experiencing terrible pain in her left shoulder and couldn’t raise her arm more than a few inches above her waist. Over the next couple of hours we exchanged three more phone calls, and each time her pain had increased, her mobility decreased, and her panic was growing more intense. She was about ready to “freak out” with fear and worry. Finally, during the fourth call, I felt that old familiar “WHOOSH!” and passed the message from Spirit to her that she was just releasing some past-life energy from being killed in battle in Druid times. Her (his) name was Herrgen, a well-built and handsome man who was respected for his his kindness and generosity as—well as his fairness and wisdom—not only within his own village, but he was also sought out by people from nearby villages to settle disputes, etc. Herrgen was also a master of the stave (a long pole used as a weapon) and he used to joust with the other men just for the fun of it. My friend was stone silent as I related the details of what happened to Herrgen.

      The village was attacked by men with iron swords; the villagers had only sticks and rocks with which to defend themselves. As the community’s unofficial leader, Herrgen took charge, ordering the women and children to flee to a neighboring village for safety and to ask for help. Then he grabbed his stave and led about 40 men—young and old—into battle, charging ahead of them with his long red hair flowing behind like a battle flag. He quickly disarmed and maimed several of the attackers and his men picked up their dropped swords for their own use. Someone shouted, “Herrgen! Behind you!” He grabbed a nearby sword off the ground and swung around just a little too late to meet his attacker, taking a mortal wound in his left shoulder near his neck. But the momentum of his own sword quickly dispatched his attacker. Herrgen fell to his knees, stunned and bleeding profusely.

      The sight of their fallen leader had an immediate effect on the village men, and they began to falter. He saw what was happening and struggled to his feet. Taking a deep breath and, spurred on by a rush of adrenalin, he gave a mighty shout and charged into the battle. The villagers seemed to draw their own strength and courage from him and fiercely followed him into the fray, eventually driving the remaining attackers away. Then, Herrgen dropped to his knees and toppled over, dead. But he lived on in songs and stories around the village fires at night through the entire region for several generations. He became, in legend, the hero “Warrior King” who saved his people.

      As I finished relaying what had been given to me by Spirit, I felt another “WHOOSH!” and, after gathering my faculties, asked my friend to keep in touch. About three hours later she called again and reported that the pain was nearly gone and that she could once again raise her left arm with only a little tenderness. The next day she was fine. By the way, the soul that once lived as Herrgen still displays the characteristics of kindness, generosity, and a fierce sense of justice and fairness in this lifetime.

      Fast-forward eight months to last Sunday. My daughter was helping me with a household project and we were standing in the bricks and concrete blocks aisle of a local building supply store. I was telling her the story of Herrgen as we shopped when, “WHOOSH!” I saw that I was Herrgen’s best friend from childhood in that life. Almost like brothers, we were inseparable. I was the one who shouted, “Herrgen! Behind you!” I felt no pain; there were no tears, but the emotional release was quite evident. My daughter (quite concerned) exclaimed, “Dad! Are you all right?” Yes, I was fine; just releasing some of my own old, past-life energy. I died in that battle as well—along with many others—but the release of trapped energy had to do with witnessing the tragic loss of my best friend, my brother.

      The “WHOOSH!” doesn’t always happen; I have released my own and others’ trapped past-life energy in other ways as well, but the “WHOOSH!” is certainly the most profound and most noticeable reaction both to me and to some others. The experience never ceases to amaze me. How do you release trapped energy? I’d love to hear how it happens for you.

Have a great month!


“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”
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