Dennis Dossett

“From the Ancient Wisdoms to Quantum Physics,
It's All About the Energy!”

Dennis L. Dossett
(All Rights Reserved)

      I have had countless discussions with students and otherwise “spiritual people” regarding the topic of “Raising Your Vibration.” While they all agree that it is desirable and important, they usually get themselves all tangled up in concepts and terminology that apply only to the physical world of matter. And even though they may believe Albert Einstein who showed us that matter and energy are transposable, they don't really understand energy at all (it isn't “matter!”). Consequently, they often try desperately to apply their understanding of the physical world to the spiritual concept of “vibration.”

      Energy is just energy. Energy is neither positive nor negative; it just IS. There is a tendency (especially in metaphysical circles) to refer to “good” energy versus “bad” energy, or “positive energy” versus “negative energy,” but these terms can be very misleading and are often not very helpful in a practical sense. “Energy,” as typically thought of on the earth plane, is primarily measured by its frequency, the rate at which something is vibrating. The concept of “raising your vibration,” sounds a great deal like raising the numeric frequency of your vibration. But you need to be very clear regarding the difference between the quantity vs. quality of energy in your thinking.

      Consider the frequencies of sound for example. The lower the frequency, the lower the tone or pitch of a musical note. If you compare soul evolution (raising your vibration) to sound, some people might conclude that listening to higher-pitched musical notes would help them to raise their vibration, while listening to music in a lower register could actually retard their spiritual growth. If that were the case, why is it that a high-pitched scream is generally regarded as “bad,” while the extremely low sounds of baleen whales (which they use to communicate with each other over very long distances under water) are regarded by many people as some of the most beautiful and transcendent sounds they have ever heard?

      And what about the frequencies of visible light? Red light has a lower frequency (425 terahertz, energy level = 1.77 electron volts) than the color violet (714 terahertz, energy level = 2.95 electron volts) at the other end of the visible light spectrum. Does that make violet “good” and red “bad?” Or does it even make violet “better” than red? Or in terms of just one practical application, is the crown chakra (violet) “better” or “more desirable” than the base chakra (red)? If you understand anything about chakras, your answer certainly would be “NO!” Clearly, the answers to these questions are just not that simplistic.

      These are just two examples of energy frequencies that can be quantitatively measured by physicists. But what about the “frequencies” of energy in the non-physical world of Spirit? What does it really mean to “raise your vibration” in terms of “energy?”

Quality of Energy
      The answer to that question is that I am talking about energy from an entirely different perspective. “Soul evolution” cannot be measured quantitatively on the earth plane. Rather, the levels of human consciousness or awareness are qualitatively different from each other. “Raising your vibration” (your level of consciousness) changes the fundamental nature of who you are as a spiritual being having a human experience. Your level of spiritual awareness is a qualitative indicator of how closely you live your life moment-to-moment in terms of Alignment with your Higher Self. This topic is discussed in greater detail in my Dancing with the Energy books.

      From the standpoint of soul evolution, raising your vibration from one level to the next is certainly desirable, but it doesn’t by any means indicate that a person at a “higher level” of soul evolution is “better” than a person at a “lower level.” We are all more advanced in some areas of spiritual development and less advanced in others, and we all have our individual lessons, karma, and unfinished business to take care of. That is why each of us is here on the earth plane. This qualitative aspect or dimension to energy is critically important and one that I refer to frequently in various chapters of the three Dancing with the Energy books.

      You are likely to hear some people refer to a situation (for example, a house, a musical selection, an object, a particular person) as having “bad energy,” or a different situation as having a “high vibration.” What people are actually referring to is how they respond to such situations in a manner they believe is consistent with their understanding of spiritual awareness. In other words, they have formed a judgment, a topic also discussed in detail in the Dancing with the Energy books. It would be much better to avoid judging events, objects, or people at all and simply say that the “situation (whatever it is) does or does not resonate with me.” The distinction between discernment and judgment is a fine line heavily laced with the observer’s own degree of soul evolution. We all choose to learn our lessons, balance our karma, and release stuck energy in our own time (when the soul—not the brain—is ready) and in a manner necessary for our own soul evolution.

      Nonetheless, there is some potential value in speaking of “better” energy versus “worse” energy, or even “higher vibration” versus “lower vibration.” Notice that these are relative terms that imply a qualitative distinction without necessarily any judgment regarding “good” versus “bad.” For example, it makes sense to say that orange is more red than green or that orange is less green than yellow. Neither of those statements imply anything regarding the relative “goodness” of those four colors. They are simply more or less different from each other in qualitative ways—even though they are ultimately quantifiable! Similarly, some sounds are lower while other sounds are higher. We couldn’t have “music” at all if there weren’t different tones!

      Now consider the following examples: Most people are likely to describe anger as “better” than revenge. However, most people are also likely to consider both of these states as “bad” or “negative.” Similarly, most people would likely say that both optimism and hopefulness are “good” or “positive.” They would also probably say that hopefulness is slightly “worse” or “more negative” than optimism. But not everyone would totally agree with all or even some of these assessments. When one tries to attach words to emotions, varying degrees of uncertainty and error creep in. Different words have the same (or very similar) meaning, and the same word can have different meanings depending on many factors. Given this inherent uncertainty, how can one accurately assign or measure the physical vibrational frequency of any emotion? Ultimately words are just words. It is the quality of the emotional vibration—not the words—that really matters.

      To reiterate, keep in mind that energy is neither “good” nor “bad.” Some energies may be more conducive or “better” for soul evolution than others, but that is strictly a matter of what each individual has chosen to experience in this lifetime (primarily as a result of unlearned lessons, karma, and trapped energy) and how they have chosen to respond to those experiences. All is well. All is exactly as it should be. Energy just IS. As William Shakespeare (1564–1616; dramatist and poet) once wrote:

•   “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” ~ (Hamlet, Act II, Scene 2)

More often than not, that thinking involves some degree of judgment regarding the situation.

      So, what is the key to “raising your vibration” in the spiritual sense? It is not the physicist’s or musician’s definition of frequency at all. Science cannot measure it and, musically, it makes no sense. Nor does it have anything to do with “good,” “bad,” or any other judgmental term. Any and all comparisons (judgments) are like “apples and oranges,” meaning that they are completely fruitless (OK, pun intended). Rather, it has everything to do with the degree of Alignment with your Higher Self in thought, word, and deed, every moment of your life. It is unique to you, and it is a qualitative dimension.

      Life on the Earth plane has but one major purpose: to provide opportunities to “raise your vibration,” that is, to become a better version of yourself by more completely aligning your life energies with your own Higher Self. It is a unique process for each human soul and, thus, not exactly comparable from one person to the next. Progress on the spiritual path is a goal, not a requirement; it is up to the choices each of us makes day-by-day, moment-to-moment.

      So, if you can’t “measure” spiritual vibration via the ill-fitting concept of “vibrational frequency,” how can you tell if you are making “progress” on the spiritual path? Simple: Does what you are thinking, doing, and experiencing feel better (more uplifting) than what you were thinking, doing, and experiencing a year ago? A month ago? Last week? Yesterday? An hour ago? A minute ago? Are you experiencing moments (however fleeting) of true joy more frequently and deeply than you used to? If so, you are making progress, you are “raising your vibration.” It doesn’t matter how “high” your vibration is. It doesn’t matter how “far” you have yet to go to experience it. All that matters is how far you have come as evidenced by the quality of your life experience. And your life experiences are completely different than anyone else’s life experiences. There is no comparison, so forget about it! Just focus on YOU, how you feel right NOW. That is all that matters.

Have a great month!


“As one faces the issues inside of oneself, one then begins to raise their vibration and move closer to the Source, which many know as God.”
~ Maitreya (Newsletter #123, September, 2004) ~