Dennis Dossett

“From the Ancient Wisdoms to Quantum Physics,
It's All About the Energy!”

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      Hello there, Ego, my old friend,
      I’ve known you forever, it seems.
      So long I thought that you were me, ‘til
      one day I awoke from delusion’s dreams.

      We’ve come a long way down this road of lives;
      I wouldn’t have made it this far without you.
      My friend, my guide; I once thought you so wise,
      but they say “times change,” and people do too.

      We know each other so very well, or ...
      at least I thought so ‘til late.
      Now we’re traveling on different paths.
      Your path is crooked; my path is straight.

      I’ve grown and learned there’s something much more
      and realized you’re not always right.
      I crave to have my freedom from you,
      but you, old friend, still hold me tight!

      I’ve come to learn I’m an immortal soul,
      while some day you are destined to die.
      You must be terrified to know your fate,
      as your reality is only a lie!

      I seek my Higher Self, while you seek things;
      you find delight in money and fame.
      When I do something right, you take the credit,
      but I’m always the one who gets the blame!

      You’ve grown increasingly cranky of late
      as my Higher Self steadily gains sway.
      You scream and fuss like a two-year old child
      whenever you don’t get your own way.

      Yesterday I caught you making a hangman’s noose
      out of a tired, old habit. To me, it looked just my size.
      Then I saw that habit was yoursnot mine;
      too long you’ve pulled the wool over my eyes!

      You’re smug, judgmental, all puffed-up with
      pride, and you’re frequently not very nice.
      Your actions and words embarrass me;
      your friendship comes at too high a price!

      They say you’re known by the company you keep.
      I truly believe it’s true and so,
      I say, “Farewell, old friend; I bid you peace.
      And now it’s time for you to go!

“A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom; the figure is the same as for love.“
~ Robert Frost (1874-1963; American Pulitzer Prize-winning poet) ~