Dennis Dossett

“From the Ancient Wisdoms to Quantum Physics,
It's All About the Energy!”

Dennis L. Dossett
(All Rights Reserved)

      For many of us, Margaret McElroy was a major port of call on our respective life journeys. We looked to her for wisdom, guidance, healing, teaching, upliftment, encouragement, and consolation, and always for her friendship and love. With Margaret's passing we have left behind that port of call on our life voyage, never to return. But we have pictures and we have memories, memories of how our lives were touched by one whose only passion was to serve—to serve Spirit and to serve each and every one of us. Beyond that, we have her words in her books, her newsletters, and in her videos—teachings about everyday life as well as life in Spirit. Like Maitreya, Margaret always billed herself as “simply a teacher,” something at which she excelled for nearly three decades, touching thousands around the world.

      Margaret never wanted an “organized following, certainly not an “organization,” and neither does Maitreya. Spiritual organizations eventually tend to beget creeds and dogmas invented by generally less-enlightened followers, and as the French essayist, mystic, pacifist, and 1915 Nobel Laureate in Literature, Romain Rolland (1866–1944) noted, “The organization is the death of the idea.” The central idea that both Margaret and Maitreya taught is simply to “learn to be your own master.”

      In a broader sense, the importance of her passing isn’t about Margaret; it isn’t even about Maitreya. It is about usyou and me. I remember on many occasions Margaret telling the story that she wrote about in her book, Simple Guide to the Psychic (2009, pp. 96–97). “My guardian, Argos, told my first class in 1987 that I would be the roots of a tree, that the tree would grow and bear fruit, and that the one tree would become an orchard, then a forest, until finally there would be a wilderness.” In June of 1999, Margaret allowed Maitreya complete control of her body and consciousness for the first time when he addressed the United Nations Society for Enlightenment and Transformation at its headquarters in New York City. Maitreya said:

•   “Never think that your words go in vain, for they do not. You sow seeds. You are farmers, sowing your seeds, planting your fields for the future. And if you touch one soul with your words, then your life has been worth living. You can say that you have done something with your life. Each one of you has a bag of seeds. Each one of you can sow those seeds. It is such a glorious thing to be able to speak of spiritual realms. Next time somebody speaks to you of the spiritual, watch their eyes. Watch their faces, for they fill with energy. The eyes light-up, and inner peace fills the Soul. . . .

     “With us [in Spirit] doing our part, with you doing your part, each one of you sowing seeds, with us shaking the tree and letting the seeds drop, what a wonderful energy we have for the future of humanity! Yes it is hard work. There is no glamour. It is hard work wading through the mud of negativity on this earth plane, but we CAN raise the vibration. We can raise the energy so that, not too far away, humanity will no longer wish to be at war. There will be no famine, poverty, hardship, difficulty. And it will come with education, as simple as that: education of the body, education of the mind, education of the spiritual realms—the three combined. There have been many prophets who have brought the message of Spirit to the earth plane, and they will continue to come. We will continue to send them until humanity has raised its vibration, but the message is just love. Love yourself and you can love others. Love yourself, and you are on your way to finding peace within. . . . I thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak the truth of the Divine. Whether it be your truth or not, each one of you is a seed for love. Each one of you can go and sow those seeds. I ask you to consider to do so.”

      If even only one of us felt touched by Margaret’s words, then her life was certainly worth living.

      The Pulitzer Prize winning author, Edith Wharton (1862 – 1937), wrote in her 1902 poem, “Vesalius in Zante (1564)”, “There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. ” Margaret’s candle was so bright as to be a brilliant torch in the darkness of the world in which we live.

      With Margaret’s passing, indeed “The Torch is Passed.” It is now up to each and every one of us to choose whether to pick it up or to let it go out. If we pick it up, we can choose to be a mirror and simply reflect her light by living the lessons she taught us. Or we can choose to carry her torch by planting seeds, using our own unique gifts and talents of healing, teaching, writing, painting, composing, or just listening with compassion and understanding, but always planting seeds of upliftment, encouragement, and consolation—with love. Whether we choose to be mirrors or torchbearers planting seeds, individually we are her trees, and collectively we are her orchard. Whether and when there will be the fruits of a forest—and then a wilderness—is up to us.

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“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882; American writer and philosopher) ~