Dennis Dossett

“From the Ancient Wisdoms to Quantum Physics,
It's All About the Energy!”

Dennis L. Dossett
(All Rights Reserved)

    I am always amazed at how we “modern humans” keep rediscovering the same things that we label as “ancient wisdom”—we just give them new names! Not that it is a bad thing. In fact, I believe it is often very positive because it not only allows us to communicate such wisdom in more culturally relevant terms—which increases peoples' understanding of these “wisdoms”, but also often extends our understanding of these phenomena. As I once wrote in a poem, “There is nothing new in the universe, only that which is not yet understood.” I really believe that, especially when that understanding also extends into more effective and more practical applications. And it is the practical applications that really excite me!

    The byline for my new website is: “From the Ancient Wisdoms to Quantum Physics, It's All About the Energy!” We have all heard a lot about the Ancient Wisdoms, and Maitreya talks about many of them repeatedly in his newsletters. However, the field of quantum physics (originated in the 1903 by the Nobel Laureate, Max Plank) gives us new insights into the Ancient Wisdoms in ways that are both profound and useful. Let's take a brief look at some of these insights:

    First, one of the fundamental precepts of many schools of ancient wisdom thought tells us that the world we know—the Earth plane—is but an illusion, and Maitreya speaks of this repeatedly in his writings (see the website). Albert Einstein's famous 1905 equation, E=mc2, hints at this by telling us that matter is really only energy slowed way, way down. Still, until the mid-20th century, matter was generally regarded as solid. Quantum physics, on the other hand, tells us that matter is not at all solid. In fact, there is far more empty space in “solid” objects than there is “stuff” (matter).

    All matter, including our bodies, is a swarm of electromagnetic energy comprising various atomic and sub-atomic particles vibrating in the vast reaches of empty space between them, and the rate of vibration is so rapid that they appear to be a solid mass. It's like looking at the spaces between the blades of an electric fan when it is stopped. Turn the fan on, however, and the spinning blades appear to be a solid object (an illusion). Either way, it is all vibrational energy.

    Second, that “empty space” I just mentioned isn't really empty at all. Quantum physics has shown that all that “stuff” (matter) is really connected energetically, that is, it is all the same underlying energy. This energetic net or web is referred to in scientific circles as the unified energy field, the Matrix, or more simply as “the Field”. The Ancient Wisdoms used various terms—universe, Source, God, etc.—while Abraham (the collective consciousness channeled by Esther Hicks) refers to it as “All-That-Is”.

    The Vedas, written nearly 3000 years ago, state that the universe was not created. Rather, God became the universe to experience the one through the many. Nice to know that science and spirituality are basically in agreement, but at least now we can use language that isn't as emotionally (and dogmatically) laden as most of the world's religions would have it. As Shakespeare wrote, “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” (Romeo & Juliet, Act II, Scene I). Beyond that, however, even atheists can more readily accept the notion that “No man is an island” (John Donne, Meditation XVII, 1624). We are indeed all made of the same stuff; we are all connected.

    Third, the notion of resonance (a vibration that is the same or very similar to an external vibrational frequency) is widely recognized in physics in general, and quantum physics in particular. In terms of Ancient Wisdoms, the book of Proverbs (23: 7) states: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” In more recent times, this verse became the basis of the book, As A Man Thinketh (1902), by James Allen, a British philosophical writer and pioneer in the self-help movement. Allen also wrote that “A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts” and many other similar ideas that today are generally referred to as “The Law of Attraction.”

    Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks) states repeatedly that the universe responds not to what we desire, but to our current vibrational frequency. We attract experiences of a vibrational frequency that are similar to our own. It is literally the case that “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” (Galatians 6:7). To put it in more current terms, “We didn't say you're creating what you want, we're saying that you're the creator of your own reality, we're saying that you create what you think about” (Abraham).

    This last point is critical, because it isn't about karma or blaming people for the less than desirable circumstances in which they often find themselves. It is important because it puts the power to become the Master of our life straight into our own hands. This is the very core of Maitreya's teachings. It is also the quantum physics basis for practical applications that can assist us in doing exactly that, and that I find really exciting! I'll address that in more detail in coming blogs. Until then remember, “From the Ancient Wisdoms to Quantum Physics, It's All About the Energy!”

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“Old habits die hard, but with a little faith and a lot of hard work, they die before you do!“
~ Dennis L. Dossett (Dancing with the Energy - Book 1: The Foundations of Conscious Living) ~