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“From the Ancient Wisdoms to Quantum Physics,
It's All About the Energy!”

Dennis L. Dossett
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    Last month I covered three basic tenets of Quantum Physics and how they relate to the Ancient Wisdoms:
     1. We are all made up of energy that vibrates so fast we appear as solid matter.
     2. We are linked by a web that connects us all, known as the Matrix.
     3. We send our thoughts out into the Matrix and those thoughts are attracted back to us as life experiences.

Local Fields
    How does that happen? Well, it all has to do with the notion of “local fields.” The Matrix is sometimes referred to as “the Unified Energy Field”, or simply “The Field”, but there are also sub-fields of energy that are shared by some individuals as well as “local fields” specific to each of us. These individual-specific sub-fields of the Matrix permeate through and around our bodies. The British biologist, Rupert Sheldrake, uses the term “morphic fields” to identify fields that belong to all living cells, tissues, organs and organisms which shape and define each individual species. These morphic fields are habitual and become stronger each time they are repeated. Moreover, they are influenced by prior events, either for a species or for individuals, through a process he calls “morphic resonance”.

    For example, individuals who share important characteristics such as race, gender, religion, culture, etc. also tend to share attitudes and behavior because their morphic fields “resonate” with the morphic fields of similar individuals. Thus, morphic resonance is very similar to the notion of “like attracts like” or the “Law of Attraction” as expressed by Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks). Sheldrake says that “memory is inherent in nature” and that “natural systems, such as termite colonies, or pigeons, or orchid plants, or insulin molecules inherit a collective memory from all previous things of their kind.” Similarly, an individual's behavior can be shaped by his or her prior experiences in the current life or from past lives (again, morphic resonance).

    In essence, local or morphic fields are energetic “signatures” or characteristics based on patterns of the past. This concept also applies to behavior (for example, sociological patterns, customs, habits, instinctive behaviors). Morphic fields impose rhythmic patterns on the nervous system, affecting the sensory and motor regions of the brain and thus behavior. Learned behaviors become established through resonance with ourselves and are strengthened through repetition (habit). I'll talk about changing such behaviors in a future blog.

    Much of what we call learning appears to be transmitted through the mechanism of morphic resonance. For example, a troop of baboons on a remote island figured out how to use simple tools to open coconuts, something that had never been observed previously in this species. Somehow baboons thousands of miles away learned to do the same thing a generation later. Similarly, experiments with rats learning a maze resulted in an average of 165 errors per rat before they learned the maze. Thirteen generations later, however, their descendents learned the same maze with an average of only 20 errors. There are countless other examples in nature, including a number of species of migratory birds who uncannily time their migration every year to arrive at exactly the time that food becomes available—even down to the arrival of European swifts that arrive to feed on Mayflies whose lifespan is literally a matter of only a few hours. At present, something like morphic resonance with relevant subfields in the Matrix is the only plausible explanation for such mysteries.

    Memory has long been thought to be stored in the brain as “material traces”, but countless experiments have simply not supported this notion. Francis Crick, a neuroscientist awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine (1962) with James Watson, held that there is a practical issue with this idea. Except for the DNA inside the molecules of the brain, all of its molecules are replaced within a matter of days or at most months, just as in the molecules of all the other parts of the body. Sheldrake suggests that our individual memories are actually stored in morphic fields when patterns of activity in the nervous system are similar to patterns of activity in the past. This is simply a matter of self-resonance. The cell biologist Bruce Lipton discusses how each of the cells in our body has self-receptors that tune into the self in the Matrix, an observation which supports Sheldrake's theory.

    What about “soul memory” as it is sometimes called? While science has yet to identify or even define “the soul”, research by psychiatrist and past-life therapist, Brian Weiss, and others on past-life memories provides increasing evidence which points to the Matrix as their source. Soul memories are thus simply another form of morphic resonance. Do you see where this is going???

Emotional Fields
    Emotions are energy, and the notion of morphic fields can also be applied to emotions. There are many historical examples of “crowd behavior” when emotions spread like wildfire from individual to individual in a group. In addition, most of us have “felt” a tangible difference between love and anger emanating from another individual that goes far beyond that person's overt behavior alone.

    Abraham has provided a 22-step continuum of emotional vibrations ranging from fear, grief, depression, despair, and powerlessness at the bottom to the emotional vibrations of joy, knowledge, empowerment, freedom, love, and appreciation at the top. When you raise your vibrational frequency, you are better aligned with Source Energy but, since morphic resonance is strengthened by habit, it is relatively easy to move down the emotional scale. Abraham teaches that moving from one of these 22 emotional frequencies to a slightly higher frequency gradually changes (transforms) one's emotional field to a higher state, thus making it easier to move up the scale. This allows one to “habituate” to a higher emotional state before raising their vibration to the next step. This minimizes the tendency to fall back to a lower emotional state. The big take-away here is the recognition that, while we are creatures of habit, those habits can systematically be changed. Do you see where this is going???

    Disease Fields
    Just like any other manifestation of energy, diseases have their own morphic fields. These fields can be “downloaded” from the collective consciousness of those who have gone through a particular disease in the past. To this, one then adds their personal beliefs, fears, etc. and then repeats the behavioral patterns associated with that disease (morphic resonance). Those who manage to overcome “incurable” conditions have altered their morphic resonance and thus are able to heal. Once again, the key to changing one's physical condition is changing the energy of their morphic field. Do you see where this is going???

Quantum Physics and the Ancient Wisdoms
    The system of 7 chakras we often hear about is attributed to the Vedas, a collection of spiritual and religious texts originating approximately 2,500 - 3,000 years ago. The Indian sage, Patanjali, linked these energy centers in the human body to four energy fields or “subtle bodies” which generate and govern the chakras. Without going into detail in this article, the following list describes their relationship to quantum fields.
•   Spiritual Body - the Universal Energy Field (the Matrix), including relationships with other people.
•   Mental Body - local fields related to culture, beliefs, “soul memory”, etc.
•   Emotional Body - local emotional fields including past-life energy
•   Etheric Body - local fields relating to disease and physical conditions

    Do you see where this is going???

    Now we can add a very important and exciting addition to the list of basic tenets regarding Quantum Physics (above) and its view on the Ancient Wisdoms:
•   4. We can change how we experience life by changing our local morphic fields (energy) in the Matrix.
This promises the potential to heal ourselves at every level of the human experience.

    To repeat what I wrote last month, this last point is critical because it puts the power to become the Master of our life straight into our own hands. This is the very core of Maitreya's teachings. It is also the quantum physics basis for practical applications that can assist us in doing exactly that, and that I find really exciting! I'll address that in more detail in coming blogs. Until then remember, “From the Ancient Wisdoms to Quantum Physics, It's All About the Energy!”

Have a great month!


“Old habits die hard, but with a little faith and a lot of hard work, they die before you do!“
~ Dennis L. Dossett (Dancing with the Energy - Book 1: The Foundations of Conscious Living) ~