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Dennis L. Dossett
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      How many times have you heard someone say “I’ll believe it when I see it!” This is one of those things I wish I had a nickel (okay, a dollar with inflation) for every time I’ve heard it. And it always seems to be expressed in the same tone of voice, the same “edge” of cynicism, doesn’t it? It reminds me of a mind like the proverbial “steel trap”—cold, and shut. Maitreya repeatedly tells us that “arguing is a waste of energy,” and I agree, but there is a different perspective. The question is whether one chooses to argue about it—or not.

      Wayne Dyer wrote a book entitled You’ll See It When You Believe It. He had a penchant for expressing things in a short, pertinent way that was “catchy,” easy to remember. But this title (and the book) argue (perhaps I should say “offer”) a different perspective, and one that is shared by many teachers and writers.

      Think about it. These two perspectives are about as opposite as one can get, and yet there is considerable appeal for each of them. The first—”I’ll believe it when I see it!”—is the perspective of the Sceptic, the “Un-Believer.” There is a great deal of truth in the notion that “Seeing is Believing.” There is nothing as believable as your own experience and, in effect, it really boils down to “Experience is Believing.”

      At a psychic fair, for example, people sometimes come to me for a “past-life reading” in which I ask them what has been going on in their lives and then provide an intuitively-guided answer regarding what they experienced once-upon-a-time in a past life and how it relates to their current life situation. That answer sometimes resonates directly with their own experiences of life and sometimes with their intuition/suspicions regarding the cause of their life experiences.

      But I always have to caution these clients that a past-life “reading” only “opens the door” to healing the emotions/situations that lie at the root of their complaint. They cannot heal until they truly understand through experiencing those emotions/situations such as in a past-life regression. Experience is not only the best teacher, sometimes it is the only teacher that is convincing.

      Turning a Sceptic into a Believer is something I encounter frequently with my past-life regression clients. Not having experienced it before, they are not quite sure what they might experience or whether to believe it is real. Afterward, however, most of them are either completely convinced or have made giant strides toward accepting their experience of past-life energy. Why? Because even the most hardened Sceptic has a great deal of difficulty explaining their experience as anything other than real. Thus, “Seeing is Believingcan help turn a Sceptic into a Believer. That is a good and necessary step toward the ultimate objective.

      And what is that “ultimate objective?” Actually, it is pretty simple, but very difficult to accept—at least until such time as one becomes a “true Believer.” Maitreya writes about this in literally dozens of his newsletters, for example:

•  “ You and you alone are the creator of what you want in your life. You can create abundance or lack. However, if you have much deep subconscious patterning [habits] from the past, it needs to be removed before you can move forward.” ~ Maitreya (Newsletter #223, March 2, 2009)

•   “So many of you have dreams but do not believe that you can fulfill those dreams. Yet you can. You are capable with the right thought of being able to manifest all that you desire and more!” ~ Maitreya (Newsletter #276, January 4, 2010)

      Here Maitreya echoes the lyrics to a song from the last century, “It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it. That’s what gets results!” I’ll have more to say about “right thought” in a few moments, but for now, realize that your Thoughts create your reality, and your Beliefs are your thoughts on steroids; they are your truth! Why? Because your beliefs reflect your life experiences as you understand them at the present time. The hard thing to remember is that the limits of your understanding are also the limits of your truth. The wise seek understanding before proclaiming and (especially) clinging tenaciously to “their truth.”

•   “If on a subconscious level you have a belief that you will not do well, do not deserve abundance, cannot achieve what you desire, then this is what you will have in your life.” ~ Maitreya (Newsletter #108, June 4, 2004)

      By the word “abundance,” Maitreya includes health, well-being, and satisfying relationships in addition to resources such as money, time, cooperation, etc. that most people think of when they hear that word. But the key phrase here is “subconscious level.” This refers to all the conditioning and other life experiences that you have accumulated in this and in previous lives. But you are not aware of what is in the subconscious mind until it becomes are part of your conscious awareness, your conscious life experience. Remember, “Experience is Believing.”

      But what about Wayne Dyer and his book You’ll See It When You Believe It? In his inimitable “catchy” way, he is saying that “Believing is Experiencing.” This is part of the “right thought” that Maitreya referred to above.

•   “They [people] do not realize that they are the creators of their own reality, and that they get out of life what they put into it. I am not commenting on the physical aspects of life, but on the thought process and manifestation of one’s desires.” ~ Maitreya (Newsletter #25, October 29, 2001)

•   “Nobody is meant to have a bad life, nobody is meant to be unhappy; you make yourself unhappy. You do this by being afraid to live your dreams, by procrastinating about decisions when you should just ‘do it.’ Spiritual evolution is about letting go of the fear of doing it. It is about having faith and believing you can create your own reality. It is about loving yourself despite the fact that you may think others do not. Remember, those whom you think do this are there to mirror for you your lack of confidence and belief in yourself.” ~ Maitreya (Newsletter #42, May 1, 2002)

      Here Maitreya directly links how you think with manifesting. The crux of it boils down to belief—your thoughts on steroids—and the nature of those beliefs. When you believe your desires are already an accomplished fact in your life before they have manifested, then you will, indeed, “See It When You Believe It.” There is so much more to this than can be covered in this short blog, but I devote an entire book to it in Dancing with the Energy— Book 3: Creating the Life You Desire.

      So, which is it, “Seeing is Believing” or is it “Believing is Seeing?” Could be both. The question is, are you a Sceptic or a Creator or somewhere in between? Before you answer, I will leave you with this thought:

•   “Nothing is real; all is illusion. But until you can raise your vibration away from the earth plane and move into detachment, you will never see this. You are the creator of your own reality. You can choose the light or the dark, the positive or the negative. You choose. Which one do you want?” ~ Maitreya (Newsletter #241, August 29, 2009)

Have a great month!


“We offer assistance to you, but your choices make the final outcome.“
~ Maitreya ~