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      I have written previously about the positive side of this topic (Patience – Part I and Patience – Part II), so it is not exactly new to me. But at the time of writing those blogs, I missed the importance of acknowledging the opposite (negative) emotions and taking conscious steps to heal or detach from Impatience as a necessary part of the process of moving toward the positive emotion of Patience. Abraham (the collective consciousness of Spirit channeled by Esther Hicks) is clear about this:
      •   “And when you, right here, right now, no longer offer resistance to what you are asking for (by focusing on the opposite of it), it will reveal itself in your life experience immediately.” ~ Abraham

      But what many people (hey, I too, am a genuine, bona fide “people”) often miss is a complete understanding of that word, resistance. Maitreya (channeled by Margaret McElroy) is very clear about healing or detaching from negative emotions as a necessary condition for raising one’s vibration. Abraham and Maitreya do not contradict each other; rather they emphasize different aspects of the process of raising your vibration (a.k.a., soul evolution). Abraham emphasizes the Law of Attraction (focusing on the opposite, i.e., positive aspect of an emotion or habit) while Maitreya clarifies more about the concept of resistance so central to Abraham’s teachings. This is the major theme of Book 2: What’s Holding You Back? in my Dancing with the Energy book series.

      Impatience is not just the absence of patience. If left unchecked, impatience adds fuel to the fires of so many other negative emotions. In short, it feeds related emotions such as anxiety, frustration, anger, aggression, etc. in a downward spiral of increasing negativity. In short those “related emotions” are, in fact, distinct energy frequencies that require healing in their own right. Their common denominator is that they are all “descendants” of underlying fear, but they crop up in one’s life in different degrees, in different ways, and in response to different triggers because each of us (as souls) has a unique history of experience with them as we have tried to progress upward in soul evolution across many lifetimes on the Earth plane.

      Conscious intentions (a specific kind of thought, Book 1) are at the core of “Creating the Life You Desire” (Book 3 in the Dancing with the Energy series). But the elephant (or maybe the gorilla) in the room at all times is our emotions, especially those of which we are often not aware because they reside in the subconscious mind (Book 1) until such time as they are healed or detached from (Book 2). Here’s why emotions are central to the Law of Attraction as well as to Maitreya’s teachings. Put quite simply, Emotion = Momentum. Emotions (especially from significant events in past lives) run deep. In other words, they carry a lot of momentum. While emotions are “energy” rather than “objects,” remember that Einstein’s equation, E=mc2 shows that each is a simple transformation of the other; essentially, energy and mass (objects) are equivalent. Thus, Newton’s first law of motion applies to energy as well as to objects: A body at rest remains at rest unless an external force acts on it, and a body in motion remains in motion in a straight line unless an external force acts on it. The same is true for energy (for example, light “bending” as in a gravitational lens, time distortions as a function of gravity, etc.). In short, the greater the momentum, the greater the “force” required to stop or change direction. That momentum is the basis for my oft-used phrase, “Old habits die hard.”

      Conscious intentions remain only intentions (thoughts) unless they are powered by emotion. To put it in mathematical terms, Performance = Ability X Motivation (momentum, or strong emotion). If one’s motivation to perform is zero (little or no emotion), all the ability in the world will go nowhere! The “Ability” in this equation refers to one’s ability to heal or detach from trapped emotions that are “Holding You Back” (Book2).

      The root of my habit of Impatience was a very traumatic event that occurred in the year 62 CE, seventeen years before the famous eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 CE that destroyed the ancient Roman cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii. My brother was four or five years younger than I and usually about three steps behind wherever we went. I was somewhat impatient with him, but I loved him dearly; we were inseparable, “bros” as we might term it today.

      On February 5th of that year, we were hiking on the flanks of Vesuvius from our parents’ home to Pompeii when a powerful (estimated magnitude 5 or 6) earthquake shook the region, severely damaging both cities. The quake created great cracks in the ground, and large boulders from higher up on the mountain came tumbling down on the trail where we were hiking. I was struck by a large boulder which—among other injuries—fell on my hip and thigh, crushing the bones and pinning my left leg between the rocks. My brother was shaken, but otherwise okay. But at the age of 10 or 11, he didn’t have the strength to move the stones off of me, so I sent him home to bring help to free me from my situation. He never returned; he abandoned me. As I lay there bleeding and in excruciating pain, day by day I became more and more impatient to be freed. As my hope and energy slowly faded, my impatience grew from simple frustration, to irritation, blame (judgement), and then to full-blown anger and hatred. I was livid; Where was he? Why didn’t he come back with help?

      On Abraham’s Emotional Guidance Scale, the higher the number, the stronger (more negative) the emotion (more momentum). In the process, I vibrationally spiraled downward from:
      12. Disappointment to
      15. Blame to
      17. Anger to
      19. Hatred, Revenge to
      21. Insecurity (Anxiety) to
      22. Fear, Grief, Depression, Despair, Powerlessness
All the emotional momentum of the situation was pulling my vibration down—step-by-step with increasing intensity—toward powerlessness and despair. Such is the power, the momentum, of intense emotions, all fueled by the “gravitational pull” of FEAR, the ultimate root and driver of all negative emotions.

      So, what causes a lack of patience? Impatience arises when we’re not getting our way, when people or things in our environment don’t conform to our expectations. This happens even when we have no control (for example, the flow of traffic or the length of time waiting in line). Our expectations are often out of synch with our environment. The German philosopher Georg W. F. Hegel (1770-1831; one of the founding figures of modern Western philosophy) said, “Impatience asks for the impossible, wants to reach the goal without the means of getting there.” And that’s how impatience leads to frustration and anger, being unable to do something we want to do. Anxiety and impatience are linked because being anxious (uncertainty) makes it hard to wait for something we want to happen. It’s easy to see how we can quickly get to anger.

      So, what does any of this have to do with my current life? It has now been well over nineteen centuries, and I am still trying to “tame the beast” of impatience. It was only recently that I discovered that my best friend in this life was my little brother when I died a slow and traumatic death on that mountain. Why didn’t he come back to rescue me? He never made it off of the mountain himself. Just an hour or so after the main quake, he died instantly in the chaos of a huge aftershock. His love for me was squelched by events over which he had absolutely no control. I just couldn’t see that possibility at the time as I was completely caught up in my own downward emotional spiral. And here we are today, still playing out the same old emotions and behaviors in the 21st century. That soul is now my wife, whom I love dearly and who I sometimes like think is about three steps behind where I want to be—except when the tables are turned and she pulls me along (as I am kicking and screaming) toward becoming a better version of myself. Such is the power, the momentum, of intense emotions, but this time fueled by LOVE, the ultimate root and driver of all positive emotions.

      Love is the polar opposite of Fear, Number 1. on Abraham’s Emotional Guidance Scale, along with Knowledge, Empowerment, Freedom, Appreciation, and Joy. In other words, the best things that life has to offer. It is not a sure thing, only a sure promise if we choose to allow it to become the focus of our life. And by Love, I mean Unconditional Love because conditional love is offered only when other people are behaving in line with our own expectations. Conditional love is no love at all and certainly is not the basis for the nearly 54 years of our marriage. Has it been easy for either of us? Of course not; it’s a relationship, the single most important source of opportunities in life to choose to grow into a better version of ourselves, a.k.a., soul evolution (Maitreya). There’s an old saying that, “The Lovin’ is easy; it’s the Livin’ that’s hard.” Unconditional Love is tested in the daily fires of “Livin’.” Unconditional Love means (as the 1977 Billy Joel song goes), “I Love you just the way you are.”

      Unconditional Love is the kingpin, the keystone of every successful relationship—including with ourselves. It is also the basis of our individual relationship with the Creator, God, Jehovah, Allah, Buddha, All-That-Is, ... whatever label your culture and/or you choose call that energy.

      There is a verse in the Bible (1 John 4:16) stating that “God is love,” and I can only conceive the intended meaning to be Unconditional Love. At least that is the Creator that I know from my own experience and from my reading of other spiritual writings. That is the love that Abraham, Maitreya, Jesus—all of the great spiritual masters of every tradition—speak of, and it is the foundation on which all spiritual development (soul evolution) is based. There is another verse (1 Corinthians 13:4) that says “Love is patient, Love is kind ....” The same sentiment is to be found in many other scriptures around the world and across time. I’m still working on that concept but, like each of us, I am a “work in progress.”

      So, what about the healing/detachment process? It began with a past-life regression to that lifetime in the Roman Empire of the first century CE. Now that I understand what actually happened and why, a VERY big dose of Forgiveness is in order. In Spirit, I asked my brother to forgive me for falsely accusing him of abandonment. He did nothing wrong; his intent was based in Love, and that is all that matters. I also forgave myself for judging him in the first place. It was a self-serving act of stupidity that (hopefully) I wouldn’t repeat if the same thing happened in the future. I am a work in progress and I am not at the same level of soul evolution as I was all those years ago. I think that I am in the process of healing and detaching from the trauma, but “Old habits die hard” when there is a lot of emotional momentum involved. I am making progress, but it will take conscious effort (Conscious Living) and time.

      While I continue to work on healing and detaching, I am also working on creating a better version of myself, beginning with a conscious intention (stated as an affirmation) to transform my vibrational energy to a more positive state. I wrote about this procedure in a previous blog and have adapted it to the current lesson as follows: “I Choose To ... replace Impatience with Unconditional Love.” Until I get the Unconditional Love part down pat, my wife will have to put up with my good intentions to progress in spite of everything (the “Livin’”). Fortunately, I am blessed to have her Unconditional Love to help guide me through that process.

      Have a great month and Happy Holidays!


“There is a Life Stream that flows to you, and this is a Stream of clarity, a Stream of wellness, a Stream of abundance… and in any moment, you are allowing it or not. What someone else does with the Stream, or not, does not have anything to do with how much of it will be left for you. This Stream is as abundant as your ideas allow it to be.”
~ Abraham ~ (Phoenix, AZ, April 4, 1998)