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Dennis L. Dossett
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      Last month’s newsletter article “Got Me Thinking” within minutes after having submitted it. Or, more accurately, “My Guys” (my Spirit guides) “brought it to my attention” that I had made a mistake and that I needed to correct the error. Oh, it wasn’t that last month’s article was the problem; it was something I had written for the April, 2014 newsletter.

      (Thinking: “What? You’ve got to be kidding! I don’t understand what you are talking about!”

      But they were relentless. Finally one of “My Guys” said, “Go read that earlier article again.” So I did.

      (Thinking: “Now wait a minute! Just how was what I wrote a ‘mistake’? After all, Maitreya tells us that there are no ‘mistakes’. And there are no ‘wrongs’, only learning opportunities. And there are no accidents in life either. Everything in our lives happens for a reason, and that reason always has to do with soul evolution. So what’s going on here?”)

      I could hear “My Guys” chuckling in the background. They seem to have way too much fun when trying to teach me a lesson. “Read it again—and again—and again—until you “get it”.

      So I did. And then I read it again—and again. And then finally I saw it. Whoops! Indeed I had made a “mistake”, so now I am here to “fess up” and right the “wrong” that “My Guys” were so adamant that I do something to rectify.

      So just what was the “mortal sin” I committed 3½ years ago for which I now feel so ungraciously compelled to make amends? In that article I wrote about hearing my neighbor say “It is what it is” in a somewhat disgruntled voice, something that I, too, have done many times in the past. But in that article I also wrote about my preferred version of that phrase: “It is what you make it.”

      (Thinking: “Actually, not a bad article, but I do see how it doesn’t quite square with what I wrote last month: ”It’s already a great day . . . and my job is to relax and allow it to unfold naturally, without trying to make it happen”. “Okay” I thought. “I shouldn’t have focused on making something happen. I should probably have written something more like ‘It is what you allow it to be.’ Okay, so I screwed up, but is that really so bad? C’mon “Guys”, what’s all the fuss?”)

      I hear more chuckling in the background. “Who said anything about ‘screwing up’? That’s your words, not ours!”

      (Thinking: “Well, you told me I made a mistake. So I was wrong. I admit it—and I’m going to do something about it in the next newsletter.” Now I hear downright laughter—how embarrassing!)

      ”You are part of the way where you need to be, but not all the way yet. Think about it some more.”

      (Thinking: “Geez you “Guys” make it hard sometimes. Give me a break!”)

      ”You sound so guilty, so penitent, so pathetic! What are you afraid of, some reader being aghast at your having lied to them? Who should give who a break? Think about it!”

      (Thinking: “Okay, okay. I admit my feelings as well as the error. But you would feel that way too if you were in my shoes!”)

      [Now they are rolling in the aisles—if they had aisles to roll in. They really are having way too much fun over this. . . . ]

      (Thinking: “But maybe that’s the point. If, indeed, there are no accidents, maybe I’m taking all of this way too seriously. And if Maitreya is correct [and when have I ever found that not to be the case?], then there really are no ‘mistakes’. I didn’t feel guilty when I finally found the ‘error’, so why am I feeling so defensive about it now?”}

      Now they are really rolling in the aisles!

      (Thinking: “Okay. So the ‘error’ is not the lesson at all. Maybe the lesson is really about my emotional reaction to the ‘error’. I didn’t make myself feel guilty, but I certainly allowed it to happen. I know that Maitreya has taught [many times] that we have no need to—and shouldn’t—justify anything. The only mistake I made was jumping to the conclusion that I had ‘screwed up’, and ‘My Guys’ were just pointing out to me how easy it is for the Lower Self to take advantage of the situation to create negative thoughts that I would probably allow to add to my personal stockpile of trapped energy. Sorry, Self! It ain’t gonna’ happen!”)

      The laughter stops immediately, and all I feel is unconditional love pouring in from all sides. I love it as much as they do when I finally “get it”.

      (Thinking: “No, I’m not going to admit to having done anything wrong. There is no reason to justify anything. What happened is that, between April of 2014 and October of 2017, I grew in understanding. I Was Wrong—about feeling wrong. Now I know better. I really am quite a different person now than I was 3½ years ago, and there is nothing wrong about that.”

      Now the cheers and applause are almost deafening.

      (Thinking: “Okay, “Guys”, please remind me when I forget this lesson [and I probably will—it is obviously not a ‘habit’ for the ‘new me’ as yet]. Maitreya is correct: there are no ‘wrongs’, only learning opportunities—if we choose to allow ourselves to experience them as such.”)

      I heaved a sigh of relief and then relaxed and allowed the full impact of the lesson to sink into my conscious awareness. I even forgave myself for being caught in the act of being human. That is, after all, why we are still here on this earth plane—to learn to become better versions of ourselves.

      Oh, and the laughing? That was to help trigger some old past-life energy regarding self-worth that still needs some work to be released and healed. Everything in our lives happens for a reason, and that reason always has to do with soul evolution.

      (Aloud): Thanks, Maitreya! And thank you, “Guys”! Love you all!

Have a great month!


“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882; American writer and philosopher) ~