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Dennis L. Dossett
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    I had a really interesting experience this morning starting about two hours before I got out of bed. “My Guys” (my Spirit guides) threw me a bit of a curve. It began a couple of weeks ago when they rather firmly told me the topic for this month’s blog, similar to what happened this morning. I had started to make some notes and then got “stuck.” Nothing was coming or flowing or however you want to describe it. I was just “stuck.” This morning in bed, I rolled over to get more comfortable and the thoughts and impressions began to come in — just in a different direction than I had been told previously. That topic they gave me two weeks ago will come, but they “suggested” that I ruminate on it a bit. I did for about 45 minutes and then got the “go ahead” to write about another topic first. And so, I shall.

    Periodically over the last two weeks, the phrase, “God helps those who help themselves,” has been running through my mind. At times, I could almost hear my mother’s voice repeating it over and over as she often did during my early childhood. I have no memories regarding what she might have been referring to, but she drummed it into my head. I haven’t thought about it for six-plus decades. At the time, I didn’t question it. Probably just as well, because I’m pretty sure her explanation would not have been consistent with other things she told me about God (she taught 3rd grade Sunday School classes at our church). I just took it as a given because that’s what she said and she was my mom.

    Since those early childhood years, I have grown in many ways, including my own understanding of religion, spirituality, the concepts where they converge, and the dogma where they diverge. I’m sure that’s true of all of us to a greater or lesser extent, as it should be. I believe that we are here on this earth plane to grow, to learn to choose to become a better version of ourselves (a.k.a., raising our vibration / consciousness, soul evolution, enlightenment, whatever term you prefer). I’m also sure that those concepts were definitely not what she had in mind. That’s OK. I also believe that each of us is exactly where we need to be, in whatever situation we find ourselves right here and right now for our own soul evolution. Each and every moment in our lives presents us with a continuing stream of opportunities to make that choice.

    So, why did this phrase keep bombarding my attention over the past two weeks? I think it was “my Guys’” way of “suggesting” an approach to helping some of my clients to get “unstuck” with their lives, to help them to get out of a very difficult rut which they find themselves unable to do on their own. And since there are no accidents and since there are always lessons on both sides of every situation, there is likely something in this for me to take to heart as well.

    One thing for sure, yesterday it suddenly dawned on me that this phrase is just another way of stating the Law of Attraction, “Like attracts like” (or “That which is like unto itself is drawn” if you prefer the Abraham-Hicks expression). It was such a simple, profound, and empowering epiphany. The only difference I can see is that one way of putting it is more likely to be accepted and understood than another way of putting it, depending on the individual in question. Translation: “Meeting People Where THEY Are.”

    In Book 3 of Dancing with the Energy — Creating the Life You Desire, I stated “Manifesting anything in life is not a passive process; it is very active. How often have you heard someone complain that they prayed to God for a particular outcome, but nothing happened? Or prayed something like ’God please help me!’ If only three more words were added to that prayer, you might be amazed at what happens and how soon. Those three words are ‘to help myself!’ Because you have free will, the Universe can only take you forward — higher in vibration and consciousness — as fast as you are willing to take responsibility for creating your own future.

    But do we really create our own future? The writings of Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks) include dozens of such references (widely known) as do the writings of Maitreya (channeled by Margaret McElroy). For example:

  “From the moment of its conception, the thought becomes reality. Every time you think — whether a good or bad thought — you immediately set up a reality. You create a thought about something or someone. That thought is destined to manifest. ... All thought is energy, and all energy has to move forward. Just like the human sperm of the male has only one purpose — to fertilize the female — so energy as thought has only one purpose, and that is to create what has been thought. Negative thoughts will create negative realities; positive thoughts will create positive realities.” ~ (Newsletter #275)

  “Nothing is real; all is illusion. But until you can raise your vibration away from the earth plane and move into detachment, you will never see this. You are the creator of your own reality. You can choose the light or the dark, the positive or the negative. You choose. Which one do you want?” ~ (Newsletter #241)

  “It is not easy facing fear — facing one’s dark side — but when one moves toward the light, peace within oneself becomes more a way of life, and the ’battle’ with the [Lower] Self becomes less and less. Yes, there is a heaven, and yes, there is a choice. One does not have to leave the earth plane and die to experience heaven. The choices you make create the reality you live. It is as simple as that.” ~ (Newsletter #155)

  “If you look at the situation as a time to grow, move on, and expand your life, that is what you will draw into your energy because your thoughts will create your reality. If you look upon the changes with fear, doubt, or any other negative emotion, then that is what you will draw into your energy — a negative situation.” ~ (Newsletter #248)

    And there are many more citations. But the common denominator across all of these writings is choice, a willingness to take responsibility for creating your own future. That “willingness” is the essence of Abraham’s “receptive mode” (Allowing one’s life energies to flow freely, without resistance), and that is a choice.

    I fully and completely believe this. I think one message for me is to remember that change (getting out of one’s habits and comfort zone) is very difficult for most people, and especially so for those who are deeply ensnared in depression, desperation, and dark fear about their future. But I also think that the personal message for me is to practice detached compassion. If I become engrossed in my clients’ problems, I can’t be of any constructive assistance to them. All I can do is to support them as a teacher, counselor, and/or healer to help them learn to help themselves. This applies to unconditional love as well:

  “If you have love in your life — true love that is — it will enable you to detach emotionally, and to see life as it really is, without the illusions usually attached to it. TRUE love is without emotion, it is not manipulative nor controlling, and it understands if the other partner, family member or friend thinks differently from you. True love does not say, ‘Why?’ It just accepts without comment or judgement, it is without feeling. Love is true acceptance of another person’s decisions and choices. Love is without fear or doubt; love does not want to please, or make someone happy. Love is joy that all in the world is well.” ~ Maitreya (Newsletter #363)

    It’s going to take a lot more patience and effort to help some of my most distressed clients understand that they are in the fight of their lives to take their power back from the Lower Self and become the Master of their own lives. But isn’t “getting stuck” really true for all of us to a greater or lesser extent? I really think that, in this incarnation, it is only a matter of degree for each of us here on the earth plane. What do you think? Remember, “God helps those who help themselves.” Your thoughts really do create your reality.

    Have a great month!


“Old habits die hard, but with a little faith and a lot of hard work, they die before you do!”
~ Dennis L. Dossett (Dancing with the Energy - Book 1: The Foundations of Conscious Living) ~