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Dennis L. Dossett
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      Last month we examined the “it” in this frequently repeated phrase from Maitreya and learned that “it” is the Self part of each of us that tries to maintain control of every aspect of our lives by playing on the present and past-life debris of the emotional body. This stagnant or “unused” energy is not available for manifesting what we desire and, in fact, is the major cause of psychological dis-ease as well as physical disease in the human body. As long as one gives their attention to the emotional body, they cannot raise their vibration and consequently their level of consciousness. We also examined some examples of why we give the Self energy as well as some of Maitreya’s prescriptions regarding what to do to stop doing so. In short, we give energy to the Self by giving our attention to negativity involving people, situations—anything negative in our lives.

How Do We Stop Doing It?

      In essence, it all boils down to detaching from the emotional body in one form or another. Let’s examine a few examples from Maitreya (identified by Newsletter # [NL#] as indicated below):

•   “There is only one way to deal with the Self, and that is to raise your vibration to a higher level and learn to control it—not to give it any energy. The Self feeds on the energy of the emotional body. Each time you react to a situation with emotion, you feed the Self. If you have fear in your life, your Self will use this against you, bringing it up in front of you when you want to make change. So many souls are stifled from making change in their lives because of the Self. Yet it can be controlled; it can be tamed. . . . Face all of your fear. More than anything, love yourself, for the Self lives on your loathing of yourself if you have this trait.” (NL #201, July 18th, 2007)

      Learn to detach from fear:

•   “First, do not give any energy to fear. It is a negative tool, and a tool the Self uses well. However, if you do not subscribe to it and give it no energy, it will not be a problem. Second, refrain from discussing the matter. Each time it is discussed, it gives it more energy! Third, do not subscribe to the mass consciousness of fear. You are the creator of your own reality. If you worry and have fear, you will draw that into your energy. If anything is going to happen, then it will, and you cannot stop it. You can however, enjoy life far more by not giving energy to it.” (NL #61, December 19, 2002)

     Learn to detach from anger and hatred:

•   “The next time someone reacts to you in anger, do not give it any energy. Do not take it personally or give it any energy. Just ignore it. If possible explain to the person that, while they are angry, you cannot deal with the situation in a civil way. Then wait for a time when they are not so angry and speak your truth about the situation quietly and clearly with honesty and love.” (NL #15, June 4, 2001)

•   “You need to know that the only power someone has over you is the power you allow them to have. Second, if you have given away your power—and many people do—you can regain that power and change the energy by saying affirmations, [and] you will slowly begin to change the energy around you.” (NL #202, August 9, 2007)

•   “[Dealing with anger] is not easy, for the Self holds on to every grudge. However, forgiveness is the only way to let go of this issue”. (NL #126, September 22, 2004) . . . “How does one forgive and let go of anger, grudges and frustrations? This is not easy to do, but it can be done. . . . One needs to imagine oneself as sitting or standing in front of the person and then telling them, ‘You hurt me deeply and I am angry with you, but I do not want to hold this energy of un-forgiveness in my heart, and so I release this from my being.’ Then in your imagination, see yourself distancing from that person, pulling away and letting go of the emotion you are carrying. Then follow this with an affirmation such as, ‘I let go of all anger and concern over this subject; it is now banished from my memory.’ Say the affirmation as often as you can. When the Self . . . brings it back into consciousness, say the affirmation over and over until the feeling has gone. You can also visualize the cutting of a cord or a rope or even an umbilical cord which has been attaching you to the person involved. Cutting that [energetic] cord will free you from the issue.” (NL #127, September 22, 2004). . . . “Forgive the soul involved. Move away, learn from the experience, give it no energy, and you will find that in earth time, there will be a healing. As you move on and time passes, life will evolve much better without the burden of the emotion. Connect to the Higher Self part of you if you have difficulty in letting go of that negative energy.” (NL #103, May 1, 2004)

     And learn to detach from worry:

•   “By living in the NOW, one does not worry about the future or live in the past. When one lives in the NOW, one gives the body permission to release a lot of suppressed emotion. . . . When it comes to the surface, one should let it go. If one is not trying to avoid it (which one would do if one were not living in the NOW), then it will come to the surface to be cleansed away. . . One can plan for the future, but then let the future happen, instead of MAKING it happen. . . . Only by being still and living in the NOW with no concerns for anything but that moment of time can one allow all that is buried deep within to come to the surface. As one does this, layer upon layer can be released because there is nothing stopping it. The soul . . . has total faith that all its needs will be provided. It has no fear, doubt, insecurity; it is one with the Divine. Free of worry and concern, it can release all that is buried within, often from many previous incarnations. As one cleanses away the deeply buried emotions and feelings, then one becomes more intuitive and sensitive to the world of spirit and its energy.” ~ Maitreya (A Few Important Questions and Answers, September 16, 1999)

And the Results?

•   “What happens when one releases the emotional body? One sees through the illusion of the Earth plane, one has more energy to give to whatever one wishes to give it to, and one is no longer in anger, greed, fear, jealousy, etc. Because those particular energies are not there, there is more energy to manifest, and more energy to work with on one’s spiritual path. . . . Once the blocks of the emotional body are removed, the world is yours and so much is possible with the energy you are not using within the emotional body.” (NL #193, December 11th 2004)

•   “The Self . . . will want to get vengeance or . . . to retaliate and will not let it go in your thoughts. However, if you can move forward without the need to do anything, all of a sudden the issue will be gone and will never return. The more you learn not to give it energy, the higher in vibration you become. It is not easy breaking the link to emotion but, as you do, you move forward into a more peaceful energy. . . . Tolerance comes from one soul stating, ’I will give this no more energy’ and then moving on. It is the ultimate in higher conscious awareness. When you can be tolerant of another and walk away from conflict, you are truly raising your vibration.” (NL #185, June 11, 2006)

•   “In the Universe there is an equal and opposite force. What you project outward is what you receive back! I can hear many of you saying, ‘But I will never forgive the person who hurt me; they did so much damage’ —or words to that effect. But the energy you waste in venting that anger—in not forgiving someone—can prevent you from moving forward in vibration and prevent you from satisfying the desires you would like. . . . You can forgive but not forget. However, it is better to forgive and forget. Do not stop the flow of energy coming into your being; it is life-giving energy. By stopping the flow with anger, grudges and other emotions, you actually shorten your life. Let go of all of your anger and frustration toward another. What a waste of energy!” (NL #126, September 22, 2004)

•   “As one releases the anger and frustrations, one will usually see a change in their own energy—especially to manifest something—within a few earth weeks. It is not easy letting go, but this is energy you do not need. Once you release and forgive and forget, you then open up to a higher energy and this can do so much good in your life. . . . It is not easy to forgive and forget—letting go of grudges and anger. However, if the world can do this on an individual level, then the world can heal on a global level. Think of that as you let go of the energy of frustration and anger. In your own small way, you can change the world’s energy.” (NL #127, September 22, 2004).

      The energy of change is sweeping around the world—culturally, economically, politically, etc. Emotions run high and tempers are short. We are faced with it daily in the media and in our interactions with others. But we can disagree with someone or something without being disagreeable. The difference between disagreeing and disagreeable is the degree of involvement (entanglement) in the emotional body. Just remember, it doesn’t matter who started “it”; all that matters is who ends “it” and how they do it.

•   “Remember that everyone who comes into your life is a mirror! Every soul has something to show or teach you. If you react it is because you are not yet spiritually attuned. For one who is spiritually attuned and in vibration with their Higher Self, it is a waste of energy to react. They look in the mirror and they see the image, but they do not react—they do not give it any energy. They either walk away from what they see with a desire to change it or they do not even see it, for their lives are involved in other things. The Self loves to react.” (NL #305, March 29, 2010)

      Thank you, Maitreya, for your words of wisdom.

Have a great month!


“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882; American writer and philosopher) ~