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"Trapped Emotions"
    Trapped emotions are negative emotions that were not completely processed or “released” at the time they occurred. Years (or even lifetimes) later, these trapped emotions come to the surface where they show up in various physical, mental, and/or emotional conditions—all needless suffering. Unfortunately, the energetic causes of these conditions generally cannot be diagnosed by conventional medicine. The Emotion Code™ is a simple but effective method of releasing these trapped emotions even when one is not consciously aware of them, their causes, or when and how they occurred. The purpose is simply to help people to live healthier and happier lives.

    The subconscious mind is an incredible storehouse of memories—both good and bad—from experiences in this life and from prior lives. Unfortunately, we tend to “hang on” to negative and traumatic emotions in the soul memory—inadequacy, betrayal, hatred, traumatic death, etc. Unless we release the negative emotions associated with people, places, and events in the lifetime in which they occurred, they become “trapped” in the soul memory, waiting to come out in this life or in some future lifetime. Because they are so intense and so painful, often they are not released but stay in the background like scripts that we play over and over either consciously or unconsciously. Eventually the energetic pressure from these trapped emotions spills out into the physical body as stress, physical pain, psychological dis-ease and even physical disease.

Enter the "Emotion Code"
    Dr. Bradley Nelson developed the Emotion Code™ as a method of diagnosing specific trapped emotions that can be released at the time of treatment. The body can communicate with the subconscious mind in ways that the conscious mind cannot, so the body is “tested” for responses to simple “yes/no” questions using applied kinesiology, or “muscle testing.” The body is asked if there is a trapped emotion that can be released at the present time. If the body answers “Yes,” the practitioner then asks where, in an extensive list of negative emotions, the trapped emotion is located.

    Through a process of elimination, one or more trapped emotions are identified. These emotions are then energetically released using a magnet to disrupt the emotion’s negative vibrational frequency and to amplify the power of both the client’s and practitioner’s intention to heal. The body is then asked whether the trapped emotion has been completely released. Often there are visible signs such as a sway of the body, a sigh, or a deep feeling of relief.

But Does it "Work?"
    Unquestionably, “Yes!” But it also depends on what you mean by the word, “work." For example, while muscle testing of the client is generally used, there are people and situations for which muscle testing simply “doesn't work.” No problem—there are other ways of communicating with the client’s body than direct muscle testing. An experienced practitioner will use whatever methods are most helpful and appropriate for the client.

    In addition, Dr. Nelson personally doesn’t accept the notion of past lives. In my experience, by far the majority of trapped emotions originated in past lives but were “triggered” by people or events in the current life. That’s OK. No one has to believe or not believe anything. In my view, every person is entitled to their own truth, so use whatever works! The point is to help people to heal, and the Emotion Code is one more very effective tool for individuals either to help themselves or to seek the assistance of a qualified practitioner.

Dennis L. Dossett, Ph.D.

    *The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Dr. Bradley Nelson, founder and author of The Emotion Code.

“Old habits die hard, but with a little faith and a lot of hard work, they die before you do!“
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