Dennis Dossett

“From the Ancient Wisdoms to Quantum Physics,
It's All About the Energy!”

Dennis L. Dossett
(All Rights Reserved)

    I am losing my teeth. Slowly, one by one, they are dying. The first one was nearly 20 years ago when the 2nd molar from the back on my lower right jaw unexpectedly died. The dentist didn’t know why. I had a bridge installed which I wore until about 4 years ago when the 1st molar on my lower right jaw died. I have a new dentist, and he couldn’t figure it out either. Last year the 3rd molar on my lower right jaw died as well. Three teeth in a row gone makes chewing a completely left-sided operation. Last week I felt a twinge in the first molar on my upper right jaw. Guess what? No known cause ... at least as far as the dentist is concerned. But I know. The story has been unfolding over the last seven years.

    I first got a glimpse of a past life in early 2007 when my dear friend and colleague, Jean Luo, was practicing past-life regression on me. Over the course of several months I “saw” a number of past lives in which I experienced some pretty brutal beatings, poisonings, accidents, etc. I sometimes winced with pain in these sessions—at least momentarily, but I just couldn’t release the emotions I was experiencing. I certainly could empathize with what some of my clients were experiencing and often had to grab a tissue to dab my eyes during their stories, but I couldn’t cry for my own stuff.

    That day in regression, I experienced a past-life in ancient Ireland, probably sometime in the 9th or 10th century. I was a peasant, a big “ox” of a man and very strong. That was good, because I was able to pull a makeshift wooden plow through the rocky Irish soil to plant crops. I had a pretty wife, two small children, and also a rather skinny cow for milk.

    One day our small village was attacked by armed soldiers, some on horseback. The men of the village grabbed whatever we could find—mostly sticks and small wooden pitchforks, but we were no match for the solid line of metal shields, swords, and helmets advancing down the hill toward the village. We didn’t have a chance. In the massacre that followed, I was struck on the right side of my head with a mace, a medieval weapon consisting of an iron ball about the size of a grapefruit at the end of a short metal chain.

    In hypnotic trance during the regression, I could feel the crushing impact and hear the crack of metal on flesh and bone as the side of my skull caved in. At that point I “knew” that, unfortunately, I lived. I spent the rest of that life as the village idiot, horribly disfigured, unable to speak, and unable even to think. After the session, Jean, my therapist, was beaming a big smile because she had managed to get a small tear to appear in the corner of one of my eyes. Oh, the price of progress!

    Then one Sunday evening in 2011, my wife and I were eating dinner while the Irish singing group, Celtic Thunder, was giving a TV concert with the theme of “Heritage”. At one point all six of them were standing shoulder to shoulder on stage and, with outstretched arms, sang the line, “Heeding Ireland’s call!” That triggered what I call “spontaneous regression.” I completely broke down. The tears rolled down my cheeks and I sobbed for nearly 10 minutes as I “saw” more of that life almost 12 centuries ago.

    As I lay barely conscious on the bloody battlefield, I “saw” my 5-year old son run out of our thatched hut brandishing a stick “sword” and being trampled by a soldier’s horse. I wailed when my pregnant wife was cut down as she ran after the little boy. And I was totally devastated when my 2-year old daughter was incinerated alive in the flames of the burning hut. I then “saw” myself crippled, eating and sleeping with the pigs for the next eight years. My only thought day after day was my guilt, my failure to protect those I loved.

    When I watched a replay of the Celtic Thunder concert several months later, the emotional charge was gone. I could even retell the story to my students with almost no emotional reaction. I had released the past-life energy of that event completely—or so I thought. Two years later, in the spring of 2013, I trained to become a practitioner of Matrix Reimprinting. As the students paired up for a practice session, Spirit thrust me once again into that past-life memory as I sobbed at the futility of it all, the overwhelming guilt and unworthiness of that life. My training partner then gently guided me in working with my ECHO, the broken man I once was in that past life.

    An ECHO is an Energetic Consciousness HOlogram, or ECHO for short. Traditional psychotherapy has long recognized that, when we experience trauma, a part us splits off in order to protect us from conscious awareness of the trauma. It becomes a separate, dissociated energetic reality in the subconscious mind. Traces of these subconscious memories (whether from this life or from past lives) have never been found to exist anywhere in the brain. Instead, they are held as local fields in the Matrix which Karl Dawson, the developer of Matrix Reimprinting (which I wrote about Last month), has labeled as ECHOs. These ECHOs continue to play in the background, influencing our behavior and affecting us emotionally, mentally, and even physically. Moreover, an ECHO in the subconscious mind is frozen in time; it knows only its NOW, its situation, its emotions, and it relives them over and over again.

    That broken man, that ECHO, only wanted to die, to finish the job the invaders had left undone. He wanted only to be free of the pain and guilt. But we cannot forever deny the events we have experienced, and we cannot forever deny their emotional scars. We can, however, change the nature of those memories. With the help of my training partner that day, I was able to re-imprint a different “picture” into the matrix. As I lay on the battlefield in the matrix, I reached out with one trembling hand and caught the foot of a soldier. Down he went in a crashing thud, opening a hole in that impenetrable line. Yes, we lost the battle. Yes, most of the villagers still died, but we made them pay a price. We were heroes defending our homes and families. Yes, I still spent the rest of that life eating and sleeping with the pigs, but I did so with pride. I wasn’t a complete failure at all.

    That was nearly a year ago. This morning, during our weekly meditation on with Margaret McElroy, I was “told” by Spirit to work with three of my past-life ECHOs, one of whom was George, the Irish peasant whose name I didn’t know until today. After the meditation ended, I thought of George, and the emotions began to well-up inside once again. I even choked up when I tried to speak. I had unfinished business with that life after all. I went into the matrix to talk with George as my older, wiser self. He still felt pride in being a hero, but he now realized that he hadn’t yet dealt with his grief. The images of his murdered wife and children still plagued him constantly. I began to work with George to re-imprint new images into his reality, my ECHO. We imprinted the images of his family leaving their bodies as points of light just before their now-empty mortal shells were mutilated. He saw them standing hand-in-hand, waiting for him to join them in the world of Spirit. He could feel their love and pride in him as a worthy husband and father. At long last, he was at peace. At long last, at a sub-conscious level, so am I.

    I’m still probably going to lose that fourth tooth in a few weeks. I suspect it may be too late to undo the physical damage already done to the tooth at this point, but unless there are other ECHOs with bashed-in heads of which I am not aware, it will probably be the last one to just “die” for no apparent reason. As anyone on the spiritual path knows, real learning only comes through personal experience, often painful, and generally not very easy. But we are here on the Earth plane to free ourselves from the emotional body, to face our fears, pay our karma, and above all to learn compassion and unconditional love, beginning with ourselves. I have to say that I’ve learned a lot about myself from George, as I have from each of the other ECHOs I’ve worked with so far.

    I now thank my ECHOs for holding their trapped energy for me so that I can deal with it in a constructive manner and raise my vibration. As I wrote last month, that energy is like a pot of boiling water on the stove. Put your hand in the water and your hand gets burned, resulting in physical, mental, and emotional damage. Put a lid on the pot and the pressure builds up. The pot boils over, often violently, resulting in further damage. Take the lid off of the pot and the pressure is released as steam, but the water continues to boil. When you turn the stove off, however, the water cools. Now put your hand in the water, and all you get is a wet hand. The cool water does not burn your hand, and no harm is done. In fact, the cool water can actually be soothing.

    Matrix Re-Imprinting allows us not only to release the built-up pressure of negative emotions; it turns off the stove so that true healing and transformation can take place. It can help us to change how we experience life by changing the pictures in our local fields of the Matrix. In so doing, it literally helps us to move another step closer to becoming the Master of our own lives.

Have a great month!


“Old habits die hard, but with a little faith and a lot of hard work, they die before you do!“
~ Dennis L. Dossett (Dancing with the Energy - Book 1: The Foundations of Conscious Living) ~