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    I feel compelled to write about this topic because lately it seems I have heard it all the time from clients, family members and, unfortunately, myself from time to time. It is important because saying “These Three Words” is deadly to any kind of positive attraction. I can’t think of a single soul I have ever met that doesn’t want to attract more positive outcomes (things, people, events, abundance, etc.) into their life, and yet I hear these three words coming from their mouths all the time. So, let’s begin at the beginning:

Premise #1: We live in an attraction-based Universe.
    The most frequent term applied to this premise is the “Law of Attraction.” Whether you personally believe it or not, I invite you to assume that it is true for the moment. Let’s just see where this takes us in terms of “Don’t Say These Three Words.”

    When it comes to the Law of Attraction, it’s not like there is some secret formula, affirmation, or magic words to repeat. In fact, the problem is exactly thinking that there is some secret formula, affirmation, or magic words to repeat. Yes, affirmations are important when trying to create or manifest something as Maitreya (channeled by Margaret McElroy) so often wrote and spoke of. But there are better, more effective (as well as worse or ineffective) ways of using affirmations. In short, as the old (1939) song by Sy Oliver & James “Trummy” Young says, “It ain’t what you say, it’s the way that you say it. That’s what gets results!” But that is a different subject and one important enough to warrant exploration in another blog.

    OK, it sounds like I just lied to you. I told you that the specific words are not important for creating / manifesting what you want, which is true. But this blog is about not using “These Three Words” at all because they will absolutely prevent you from realizing your goal. These words are absolutely important — to avoid!

    So, what are those three words? They are not complicated: “I don’t want ...” (you fill in the blank). So, what’s the big deal? Simply this: Research shows that the subconscious mind doesn’t understand the word “NO.” For that matter, neither does the Universe! In reality, every subject is really two subjects: what is wanted and the absence of what is wanted. Why? The answer to this question has been given to us repeatedly by two of my greatest teachers, Maitreya and Abraham (channeled by Esther Hicks). For example:

•   “There is a Life Stream that flows to you, and this is a Stream of clarity, a Stream of wellness, a Stream of abundance ... and in any moment, you are allowing it or not. What someone else does with the Stream, or not, does not have anything to do with how much of it will be left for you. This Stream is as abundant as your ideas allow it to be.” ~ Abraham (Phoenix, AZ, 4/4/1998)

•   “There is not a stream of badness and a stream of goodness, or of sickness and of wellness. There is only a Stream of Well-being. The question that you’re wanting to ask yourself is, ‘In this moment, am I letting it in or not? Am I allowing it or am I not?’” ~ Abraham (Cleveland, OH, 7/11/2000)

•   “Perhaps you could liken material energy — whether it be money or material items — to a house with electricity. When the energy is flowing around the house, then the house is lit up and the energy is flowing. When the energy is switched off, it is stagnant — waiting to start up again — and the house is in darkness. When you stop the flow of energy because you worry, have doubt, fear or any other negative emotion, then you switch off the power in the house. When you allow the energy to flow, then it stays constant.” ~ Maitreya (Newsletter #250)

Premise #2: Based on the Law of Attraction, what you put your attention on expands (manifests) in your life.

•   “The choices they [people] make — positive or negative if you can call them that — will create their new future. ... If one is positive about one’s future, then that is what one will manifest.” ~ Maitreya (Newsletter #227)

•   “When you say ‘Yes’ to something, you include something you do want in your experience. When you say ‘No’ to something, you include something you don’t want in your experience.” ~ Abraham (Orlando, FL, 2/15/1997)

•   “You invite what you don’t want in, in your wanting to keep it out. We’ve never said it more clearly.” ~ Abraham (Abraham Live Broadcast, 9/17/2022)

Premise #3: All emotions have momentum.
    What I’m talking about here is so pervasive and so seductive that every one of us has fallen into the trap of using “These Three Words” habitually, automatically. unconsciously, without thinking. And that often creates major problems for us.

•   “There are a lot of people who are expressing their desire for something, who are actually a vibrational match to its opposite because they’ve been spending more time thinking about why they don’t want that, than they’ve been thinking about why they do want that.” ~ Abraham (Sydney, Australia, 3/17/2013)

•   “Humans have been practicing knowing what they don’t want for so long, that you’ve got ‘I know what I don’t want momentum’ going, and you can’t all of a sudden say, ‘I know what I don’t want, I want that’ and shift your vibration because, even though you’re saying ‘I want that’, your momentum is still about what you don’t want. So, what happens with most people is they say, ‘I know what I do want, I know what I don’t want, I know what I do want, I know what I don’t want’ on every subject in the world, which renders them not very powerful, because they never really allow any momentum about what they do want to get going. It’s a gradual convincing yourself process.” ~ Abraham (Facebook, Abraham-Hicks: Inspirational Quotes)

•   “The more you talk about it, the more you escalate that vibration. ‘I don’t want to talk about something else, I want to keep escalating what isn’t working. I need to talk about my issue to keep it alive and active, so I can keep attracting around it, so I can keep justifying my complaining.’ You don’t mean to do it, but you are doing it.” ~ Abraham (Facebook, Abraham-Hicks: Inspirational Quotes)

    In short, the bigger the aircraft (or train), the longer the runway (or track) required to bring it to a safe stop. Anything else will lead to disaster. So, how does the momentum get started and how is it maintained? The dictators, despots, and demagogues of both ancient and contemporary cultures have known the answer to this question for millennia. All one needs to control the masses is to instill a good dose of FEAR. That is exactly what the Master Despot (the [Lower] Self) uses to control each and every one of us, to keep us from becoming the Master of our life rather than being mastered by life as Maitreya so frequently teaches.

    And how do we fall prey to fear in our lives? One very simple and effective way is to fall into the trap of using “These Three Words” habitually, automatically. unconsciously, without thinking. It works almost every time!

Premise #4: Fear is the basis of all negative energy.

•   “Fear is the [Lower] Self in all its glory. The Devil and Satan of the Christian religion is one aspect of it. ... So many of you have subconscious fears also. You do not even realize you have them.” ~ Maitreya (Newsletter #230)

•   “I have been asked on more than one occasion about emotions. What are they and how do they affect our spiritual lives? First of all, I must emphasize that, when I am writing about emotions, I am referring to negative emotions such as anger, etc., The emotional body is a part of humanity tied to the animal part of you. It is a part of the [Lower] Self, a separate body which is designed to hold you back from moving forward. It knows all your fear, anger, frustration, weak, negative parts of you [buried in the subconscious mind], and it is capable of pulling it out of a hat like magic whenever it needs to slow you down. I was asked once about happiness: ... ‘is not happiness an emotion?’ and I say ‘No.’ I say that happiness is a feeling. It is not happiness that holds you back, it is not happiness that stops you from growing, it is happiness which urges you on. It is a positive, not a negative energy. I hope that for some souls this will answer a question they have had for some time. It is only the negative emotions which the [Lower] Self clings to, uses, and abuses. That is the difference.” ~ Maitreya (Newsletter #256)

•   “I am often asked how communication can occur between the spiritual world and the soul. This is surprisingly not hard to do. For the majority of your life, you have listened to the [Lower] Self, which is the [subconscious] mind and is constantly on alert. It is your protector and never stops working to look after you. It does not like change. If change occurs it will bring up all of your fears, doubts, insecurities — all of the negative emotions to stop you from making change. Your [Lower] Self knows you better than you know yourself.” ~ Maitreya (Newsletter #322)

    Think about this: What is the opposite of “love?” Most people will answer with “hate,” “anger,” or some other negative emotion. But what causes “hate,” “anger,” or any other negative emotion? Careful analysis will always point to an underlying fear. And what is a very effective euphemism for fear that we practice in our daily lives? How about the three-word phrase, “I Don’t Want ...” (you fill in the blank). See what I mean?

    But there are other ways to look at fear, to deal with fear in our lives. For example:

•   “What is fear? When one looks at fear not as fear, but as an energy, it becomes a totally different thing. To progress spiritually, one can have no fear, for fear creates blocks and negative conditioning in the Auric field. This then repels any positive energy coming toward you. You can say to the Universe, “I need a certain thing,” but if you have a fear of attaining it and having it, you will stop the flow immediately.” ~ Maitreya (Newsletter #230)

•   “If you look at ... [any negative] situation as a time to grow, move on, and expand your life, that is what you will draw into your energy because your thoughts will create your reality. If you look upon the changes with fear, doubt, or any other negative emotion, then that is what you will draw into your energy — a negative situation.” ~ Maitreya (Newsletter #248)

    And because we use “These Three Words” habitually, automatically. unconsciously, without thinking, we actually have a key to the way out, the way through this trap, so that we begin to fall into it less and less frequently. It is simply an important part of what I call “Conscious Living,” which I have written about many times in earlier blogs. It is also what Maitreya speaks of in these and so many more quotes. And what is the way out? I invite you to begin by paying attention to what you think, Don’t Say These Three Words, and follow the suggestions in my blogs, “ Habits — Part I,” “ Habits — Part II,” and “ I Choose to ...,” all integral components of Conscious Living.

Have a great month!


“Old habits die hard, but with a little faith and a lot of hard work, they die before you do!”
~ Dennis L. Dossett (Dancing with the Energy - Book 1: The Foundations of Conscious Living) ~