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Dennis L. Dossett
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      Last month I wrote about The “New Normal”… Really? and questioned whether we really want to return to the ‘Old Normal.’ As a culture and as individuals, the ‘Old Normal’ is just a set of conditioned responses to our lives, many of which either no longer serve us as well as they used to, and many of which are demonstrably ‘broken’ or dysfunctional in today’s social, economic, and political climate. I think we need to add ‘spiritual climate’ to that list as well, especially when it comes to old habits that really aren’t supporting one’s efforts to raise their vibration as so many people believe. Rather, the ‘Old Normal’ is just an accepted set of conditioned responses characterized by habit and the complacency of the comfort zone.

      But the ‘New Normal’ (as yet to be determined in the era of Covid-19, Black Lives Matter, nightly protests against police brutality, economic and political turmoil, etc.) will ultimately be an accepted set of conditioned responses eventually characterized by habit and the complacency of the comfort zone. It will simply be a matter of what the new social norms will be that will guide our attitudes and behavior. That is pretty much an undisputable fact. The question is whether that ‘New Normal’ will actually be more functional than the ‘Old Normal’ and (in my view) whether it will better support the primary reason that we are here on the earth plane—soul evolution. That is a choice that each of us individually will be making while adjusting to the inevitable changes in our lives.

      In the conventional (and relatively cynical) sense, the idea of ‘going with the flow’ is little more than complacent conditioning to the comfort zone, but in my three Dancing with the Energy books, this phrase refers to nonresistance to (that is, Allowing) the natural flow of life energy that is absolutely essential to one’s efforts to Align their life energies with Higher Self. As I summarized in an earlier blog, Going with the Flow is all about allowing, but the real question is whether we passively allow (conditioning, the comfort zone) or whether we consciously choose to actively allow our vibration (life force, prana, chi-whatever term you prefer) to guide our habits and behavior to align with Higher Self. I call this process Conscious Living. That is the stuff not only of soul evolution, but also of improving the quality of one’s life on the material plane right here and right NOW.

      The key distinction in the choice, however, is quite simple: we will choose (by default if nothing else) to simply ‘Go with the Flow’ in the conventional sense, or we will consciously choose to ‘Grow with the Flow’ (Conscious Living). While ‘Going with the Flow’ is all about allowing, ‘Growing with the Flow’ is all about aligning. This distinction seems very simple, very subtle, and (to many) very silly. So, what’s the big deal???

      First: Yes, it is very simple. It is simply the difference between an unconscious choice (‘going’ in the conventional sense) versus a conscious choice (‘growing’). It is simply the difference between unconscious living and Conscious Living as briefly described above and as detailed in the Dancing with the Energy books.

      Second: Yes, it is subtle, but so is the difference between a highly successful life in terms of soul evolution and one of little or no evolutionary advancement. A casual observer would be unlikely to ‘see’ much difference in one’s life, but the difference is not on the surface. The difference is not about public consumption, it is about one’s inner experience. It is entirely about transforming oneself into a better version of who you currently are. It is consciously choosing to ‘Grow through what you go through.’ (And we are all going through a lot these days!)

      Third: ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’ If it sounds silly to you, you probably quit reading this blog several paragraphs ago. That’s OK. It’s not about me; it’s about YOU. It’s YOUR choice for YOUR life. The simple (and not so subtle) fact is, YOU have to ‘Go with the Flow’ (in the higher sense) in order to ‘Grow with the Flow.’ You have to Allow in order to Align. But ultimately, it’s all about YOUR Alignment with Higher Self.

      Last month I said, “Instead of just adapting to the ‘New Normal,’ we have the opportunity to create the ‘New Normal’ much more along the lines of what we truly want rather than just what life ‘hands to us’ [conditioning]. That is why we are here on the earth plane in the first place! Now it is not only time to take positive steps in that direction, but we can take advantage of the energy of change on the earth plane to re-imagine, re-invent, and re-create ourselves and our lives.”

      It’s that last part about re-imagining, re-inventing, and re-creating ourselves and our lives that the lower Self grabs onto and brings fear and doubt into the equation. Yes, change can be scary, and especially so when you have no idea just what kinds of changes and how far-reaching they will be in your life. But you will change, be assured of that. It’s only a matter of whether you go kicking and screaming, fighting (resisting) the natural flow of change in the Universe or whether you consciously choose to have some choice, some say in the matter by consciously choosing to use change as a springboard into an uncertain future. Right now we have the opportunity to choose what we really want. Oh, and by the way, doing nothing is still a choice.

      Don’t be afraid to change your life as you grow in experience and wisdom. You aren’t the same person now as you were at any previous time in your current life, so yes, ‘go with the flow,’ but take it one step further and ‘Grow with the Flow.’ Just be true to the ‘new’ person you have become. Believe me, Allowing yourself to grow when faced with those choices is much easier when you are practicing Conscious Living than trying to do so without it.

      Remember, the Universe knows what is in our best interest for soul evolution better than any of us on the earth plane. It is not about manifesting what we want irrespective of the reason why we are here. It is about being able to manifest what we want in addition to what is best for our soul evolution. And we can have it all! That is the purpose and practice of Conscious Living. In short, ‘Grow with the Flow; Cooperate (with the Universe) and Graduate!’

Have a great month!


“We offer assistance to you, but your choices make the final outcome“
~ Maitreya ~