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Astrology Services

     • Astrological Natal Chart. In order to calculate your Natal Chart and any of the Reports below, three pieces of information are required:
      –  (1) First & Last Name
      –  (2) Birth Date and Time (best derived from your birth certificate or reliable family information)
      –  (3) Birth Location (City, State/Province, Country)
Please email this information to Dennis ( so he can generate your chart.
~ Natal Chart $10.00 US (including sales tax); Click here to purchase.

     • Life Path (Natal) Report. This is a multi-page, computer generated report interpreting your chosen life path from your natal chart.
~ Life Path (Natal) Report $10.00 US (including sales tax); Click here to purchase.

Other types of Astrology Reports will be available soon, so please check back here for additional information

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